ICT Software Update

Apologies for the very late notification but ICTProtegeGXCloud will be taken down imminently for a software update.

This update will result in the ICT ProtegeGX Cloud server being unavailable for approximately 40 minutes for a system upgrade.

The ICT Protege GX Cloud server will be unavailable for approximately 40 minutes while the upgrade to our new release version (4.3.307) is performed, starting at the time listed below.  

  • Mon 15 March 2021   11:30 PST 
  • Mon 15 March 2021   13:30 CST 
  • Mon 15 March 2021   14:30 EST 
  • Tues 16 March 2021  07:30 NZDT            

After the update is complete you will still be able to connect using your existing installed client, however you will receive a warning message referring to a client version mismatch and that you may experience unexpected behavior. Please click “yes” to continue as normal from this window. 

From here please contact your ProtegeGX System Integrator to obtain a copy of the new software, and update your client installation to the new version as soon as you are able to. 

Panasonic New Version of IP Server 7.8.2 – Now available for download

We are happy to announce the release of Version 7.8.2 Maintenance Release for IP Server with new client update for VI MonitorPlus.  This build is available for immediate download on DownloadVI.com and should be offered as a solution to any customers experiencing the Advidia High CPU issue. For all other clients, this upgrade is optional.

Product Improvements

  • Resolved High CPU issues regarding Advidia A series motion detection
  • Added support for .NET Framework to 4.8

Camera Integration Improvements

  • Panasonic I-PRO HN Models Multi Sensors (WV-S8531N, WV-X8571N)
  • Advidia M-87-V (M-Series 4K Dome)
  • Support for new certificates on i-PRO cameras 

A detailed list of all bug fixes and changes will been sent to the Panasonic forums, System Solutions Team soon, as well as Tech Support team

Apple Account Updates

• PIPSA launched a new Apple developer account to host all Apple related apps. The existing applications will be
phased out and replaced with new versions named VI Mobile Plus and VI TV Plus. Customers that wish to continue
to receive automatic update notifications are recommended to uninstall existing version of VI Mobile 2 and VI TV +
and install the new version available in the App Store. Please refer to our migration guide to instructions on

Panasonic MonitorCast 4.5 is Now available

Panasonic i-PRO is happy to announce that MonitorCast 4.5 is ready for release and the updated admin guide is now available for download.

Licensing Update with the 4.5 Release
The licensing structure has shifted from cameras to Mercury hardware. The MonitorCast door license will be bundled with the Mercury panels when purchased through Panasonic i-PRO (e.g. the LP1502 has two doors, so it
is bundled with two licenses). This is also the case with the sub-controllers. The MR50 has one door, so it will come with one license.

MonitorCast Mobile
MonitorCast Mobile for iOS is in its final testing phase and will be submitted to the Apple store soon. The first version will include the following:
• Dashboard – View real-time events
• Personnel – Can view and modify personnel as well as disable or enable card access
• Door Management – Doors can be controlled from the mobile device just like the web UI
• Hardware – Door/reader mode status is viewable as well as sending resets to some or all controllers

New 4.5 Features
• ASSA Abloy Aperio wireless lock on integration added
• Keypad Intrusion – Changed LED reader modes and text on MRDT panels
• Keypad Intrusion – Arm/disarm inputs assigned for intrusion detection
• Keypad Intrusion – Added audio alert to the intrusion rule. Custom audio alerts can be uploaded to the server
• Area Reports – Added a personnel group filter to improve searching capabilities
• Rules Manager – Designed personnel roles for reader mode and output control that can be user specific based on level of role assigned
• Rules Manager – First card unlock that will disable door schedules until a manager presents their credentials
• Area Reports – Added personnel group filter
• Added site filter based on user permissions

Panasonic VI Enterprise Software Update Available Soon

Panasonic i-PRO is excited to release an upcoming VI Enterprise Software update scheduled for release on December 7th, 2020.

VI Enterprise Minor Release 7.8

Product Improvements
• New VI Enterprise Web Client featuring VI MonitorPlus styled user interface, H.265 support on Chrome/Microsoft Edge browser support. Features included: Active Directory and standard login support, Live Monitoring (single H.265 stream) and single camera recorded playback. Secondary functions will be integrated in future versions.
• IP Server Software Update Utility
• IP Server System Backup & Restore Utility – Included in Maintenance release for 7.8.1 (January)
• Integration with Panasonic WC-X5550LT Vehicle Capture Camera including LPR Plug in Improvements for multi sensor support
• Additional video support for Nvidia graphic cards including P Series models and RTX4000 model
• Dynamic Object Overlay Improvements for AI-VMD supported cameras

Camera Improvements
• Improved Two-way audio support on VI MonitorPlus
• AI-VMD Camera configuration tool (v7.8.1)
• Support for new Body Worn Camera (BWC4000)
• New cameras integration including new models from Panasonic i-PRO, Advidia, Hanwha, Cisco, Vivotek, iryx, Truvision, FLIR, Mobotix and Axis

VI Transportation Improvements
• Integrated Recorder Digital Input for auto creation of bookmark and notification message support to Depot
• Auto transfer support for bookmarked video
• User interface improvements

Panasonic iPRO – IP Server & VI MonitorPlus VMS – Upcoming Software Release

Panasonic is excited to announce an upcoming software minor release of VI MonitorPlus. IP Server Version 7.7.1 software release is currently available for download.

Software Feature Improvements

Configure Multiple Camera Properties
This feature allows users to select multiples for supported camera properties changes including camera format, quality, resolution, FPS recording value, timestamp, recording type, enabling audio for live and recorded, and enabling error logging.

3D Dewarp Support for 360 in VI Viewer Plus
This feature allows users to zoom into supported 360 degree camera views in VI Viewer Plus.

BriefCam Plug-In (For US Release)
This integration allows users to utilize Briefcam’s Video Synopsis technology within a VI MonitorPlus workspace. This feature allowing end users to review hours of video in just a few minutes by superimposing
objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times, with the ability to link back to original video. Users can also search recorded video for analytic data such as color,
gender, age, vehicle classes, and animals.

General Product Improvements
In addition to new features, we have made additional defect improvements to the following areas:
• Web Client Active Directory Login issue
• VI MonitorPlus Active Directory Login issue
• Clipping/Exporting
• Bookmark Management
• Motion Detection
• Access Control
• Failover
• Camera Support
• Alarm Out for Camera for Panasonic NVRs

Contact your SVC sales representative for further information.

LifeSafety Power Introduces

 ProWire XPRESS – Prewired Value Systems

New ProWire XPRESS provides a single voltage prewired solution at a price comparable to other non-wired power supplies. See how ProWire XPRESS can help turn the art of system wiring into a science!

Learn More! Link: https://lifesafetypower.com/products/access-control-power-systems/prowire-xpress

ProWire XPRESS Press Release Link
ProWire XPRESS Datasheet

New 24 Door Mercury ProWire
E12M ProWire Systems for Larger Installations

Also just released are our new 24 door Mercury ProWire systems in our 48x36x8 E12M enclosure! The added space of the E12M allows not only more doors per enclosure, but when coupled with our NLX network module, has enough space for a fully network managed system, from locks to controllers.

Learn More! Link: https://lifesafetypower.com/products/access-control-power-systems/prowire-prewired-solutions/mercury-prewired

ProWire 24 Door Datasheet

For more information, or to schedule a call or meeting with one of our representatives.