Panasonic New Version of IP Server 7.8.2 – Now available for download

We are happy to announce the release of Version 7.8.2 Maintenance Release for IP Server with new client update for VI MonitorPlus.  This build is available for immediate download on and should be offered as a solution to any customers experiencing the Advidia High CPU issue. For all other clients, this upgrade is optional.

Product Improvements

  • Resolved High CPU issues regarding Advidia A series motion detection
  • Added support for .NET Framework to 4.8

Camera Integration Improvements

  • Panasonic I-PRO HN Models Multi Sensors (WV-S8531N, WV-X8571N)
  • Advidia M-87-V (M-Series 4K Dome)
  • Support for new certificates on i-PRO cameras 

A detailed list of all bug fixes and changes will been sent to the Panasonic forums, System Solutions Team soon, as well as Tech Support team

Apple Account Updates

• PIPSA launched a new Apple developer account to host all Apple related apps. The existing applications will be
phased out and replaced with new versions named VI Mobile Plus and VI TV Plus. Customers that wish to continue
to receive automatic update notifications are recommended to uninstall existing version of VI Mobile 2 and VI TV +
and install the new version available in the App Store. Please refer to our migration guide to instructions on