ICT Software Update

Apologies for the very late notification but ICTProtegeGXCloud will be taken down imminently for a software update.

This update will result in the ICT ProtegeGX Cloud server being unavailable for approximately 40 minutes for a system upgrade.

The ICT Protege GX Cloud server will be unavailable for approximately 40 minutes while the upgrade to our new release version (4.3.307) is performed, starting at the time listed below.  

  • Mon 15 March 2021   11:30 PST 
  • Mon 15 March 2021   13:30 CST 
  • Mon 15 March 2021   14:30 EST 
  • Tues 16 March 2021  07:30 NZDT            

After the update is complete you will still be able to connect using your existing installed client, however you will receive a warning message referring to a client version mismatch and that you may experience unexpected behavior. Please click “yes” to continue as normal from this window. 

From here please contact your ProtegeGX System Integrator to obtain a copy of the new software, and update your client installation to the new version as soon as you are able to.