Panasonic iPRO – IP Server & VI MonitorPlus VMS – Upcoming Software Release

Panasonic is excited to announce an upcoming software minor release of VI MonitorPlus. IP Server Version 7.7.1 software release is currently available for download.

Software Feature Improvements

Configure Multiple Camera Properties
This feature allows users to select multiples for supported camera properties changes including camera format, quality, resolution, FPS recording value, timestamp, recording type, enabling audio for live and recorded, and enabling error logging.

3D Dewarp Support for 360 in VI Viewer Plus
This feature allows users to zoom into supported 360 degree camera views in VI Viewer Plus.

BriefCam Plug-In (For US Release)
This integration allows users to utilize Briefcam’s Video Synopsis technology within a VI MonitorPlus workspace. This feature allowing end users to review hours of video in just a few minutes by superimposing
objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times, with the ability to link back to original video. Users can also search recorded video for analytic data such as color,
gender, age, vehicle classes, and animals.

General Product Improvements
In addition to new features, we have made additional defect improvements to the following areas:
• Web Client Active Directory Login issue
• VI MonitorPlus Active Directory Login issue
• Clipping/Exporting
• Bookmark Management
• Motion Detection
• Access Control
• Failover
• Camera Support
• Alarm Out for Camera for Panasonic NVRs

Contact your SVC sales representative for further information.