Panasonic New Version of IP Server 7.6.1 – Now Available for Download

We are happy to announce the release of Version 7.6.1 Maintenance Release for IP Server with new client update for VI MonitorPlus.

This build is available for immediate download on Additionally, modifications to were updated to provide a patch to the Web Client security vulnerability.


  • Added audio support to Force Record layout feature for single camera clipping
  • Multicast Support for Advidia
  • Draw and Zoom support for InsightAPI

Product Improvements

  • Web Client security vulnerability​​​​​​​
    • We highly recommend all Web Client users upgrade to the latest version to mitigate security risk – see for details
  • LPR Improvements
    • Addressed plugin issue for non admin user account
    • Plate duplication issue in shared database environment
    • Addressed Server Name parity
    • Addressed Thai plate display issues
    • Addressed SQL LPR plates removal issue
  • User Audit Improvements
    • Date format support for DD/MM/YY
  • Plug In Manager Improvements
    • FacePRO Plugin defect fix
  • NVR Improvements
  • Addressed disappearing Administrator menu login issue
  • Guard Tour Improvements
  • Access View Improvements
  • Module configuration improvements
  • Lane Viewer Improvements
  • Exported Clip Audio Improvements
  • User Configuration Improvements
  • Camera Properties Improvements
  • Security Improvements
  • Changed license structure for Body Worn Cameras to bundled license
  • Transportation Module Improvements