Panasonic MonitorCast New Release

The updated feature set list and improvements list might not be very long but this was due to a lot of hard work and effort by our developers, as well as QA, getting Active Directory Synchronization implemented.  This has been a very high level feature request that required a lot of dev time as well as in depth acceptance testing to ensure this new feature covers all aspects of a true AD Sync that our end users have been requesting.

New Features and Improvements –

  • Active Directory Synchronization: Adds and removes card holders in real time from MonitorCast.  This can be done on an interval schedule or manually executed by the user
  • Single Swipe override: This improves special door access functions during lockdowns and other scenarios, rather than relying on a 3 swipe only
  • Dynamic Access Levels: Adding/Editing/Deleting access levels are now dynamic.  Controller resets are no longer required
  • Hardware Configuration Page Performance Increased: MonitorCast 4.3 and older had long load times with servers using a lot of hardware.  Load times have been reduced by 90%
  • Personnel Page Performance Increased:  Systems using 15,000 to 20,000  card holders experienced long load times.  This has been decreased drastically as well
  • Improved the download process to Mercury boards with systems utilizing a high amount of hardware and card holders
  • Live Area Monitoring:  All credentials associated with a person is registered as an in our out card swipe, rather than just the entry card only