Ocularis 5 Recorder Patch Update April 2019

The following improvements were made in the latest automatic Recorder Patch update:

  • Improved background processes when adding a new camera (applies to Ocularis v5.6 & v5.7)
  • New support added for Trend Micro IoT Security event triggers (Brute Force Attack, Cyber Attack, Quarantine) in the Vivotek Smart Driver (applies to Ocularis v5.6 & v5.7)
  • Corrected a condition when importing PTZ Presets from Axis cameras where the presets were out of order (applies to Ocularis v5.6 & v5.7)
  • When Variable Bandwidth Control is set, the Bandwidth setting is now hidden for manufacturers whose cameras do not support it (applies to Ocularis v5.7)
  • Fixed an issue in the Recorder Manager where the ‘drag and drop‘ function may cause an error while using the Branch SiteMap (applies to Ocularis v5.6 & v5.7)
  • The scroll feature in Alarms list was fixed to support mouse wheel control (applies to Ocularis v5.5, v5.6 & v5.7)

Your Ocularis 5 system will automatically update the Recorder if configured to do so and network connectivity is available. The Recorder Patch Update is also available on the OnSSI Software Downloads page.

Contact OnSSI Technical Support at (845) 732-7900, Option 3 or email Support@OnSSI.com if you have any questions, or need assistance in applying the patches offline.