SONY Video Security – New SECUREDU Education Program – Nov. 1, 2017 thru Aug. 31, 2018



1. QUALITY!! – Sony Electronics has been developing leading edge camera, sensor and optics technology for decades and has built a legacy on superior quality and outstanding products. When it comes to campus security, investment in the best is an investment in student safety.

2. RELIABILITY – Peace of mind is a great thing to have when it comes to safety. With Sony Video Security Cameras more schools have stated that Sony’s reliability is outstanding…”hang it and forget it”. Campus Police don’t have to worry about whether a camera is down or sending a crew over to replace it. Investments come in many shapes, time, loss of coverage and of course money. Sony’s reliability solidifies it’s Total Cost of Ownership by minimizing time spent on maintenance or replacement, knowing the campus is covered by quality imaging and the price…competitive.

3. LOW LIGHT CAPABILITY – Sony’s proprietary sensor technology gives campus security teams the visibility they need and want to be able to keep walkways, parking structures and off-campus housing structures safe and secure. Being able to see in the dark is a top priority on school grounds around the country. Our 4K low-light sensor technology was field tested at a Chinese airport recently…See what’s been missing! Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Field Test

AND NOW ONE MORE REASON 4. SECUREDU program – Attached please find the program details and get a glimpse into what we are extremely excited to launch beginning November 1st, 2017 our New SECUREDU Education Program.

10-20-17 SONY SSPR_2018_EDUCATION_Program_10192017