Ocularis 5 Recorder Patch Update August 2017

The following summarizes the latest automatic Recorder Patch update:

  • Added the ability to remotely start or stop a camera’s video stream by configuring an Alarm Scenario or activating a trigger inside of Ocularis Client. Video (live or recorded) will not stream between the camera and the Device Manager when streaming is off.
  • Now able to view inside the Recorder Manager, enhanced information about recording activity on a Device Manager. Added ability to configure thresholds that will visually alert the Administrator when a camera is not performing to its configured recording settings.
  • Resolved an issue with distortion during video playback on some cameras.

Your Ocularis 5 system will automatically update the Recorder if configured to do so and network connectivity is available. The Recorder Patch Update is also available on the OnSSI Software Downloads page.

Contact OnSSI Technical Support at (845) 732-7979 or email Support@OnSSI.com if you have any questions, or need assistance in applying the patches offline