OnSSI – Updated Axis Camera Firmware is Compatible with OnSSI’s Smart Camera Driver

Dear OnSSI Community,

Axis recently released firmware versions that resolve vulnerability issues that were discovered in some of their cameras. Axis recommends that you apply the latest firmware versions to their cameras. OnSSI has verified the compatibility of this new firmware with our Ocularis Smart Camera Driver for Axis Cameras.

You can download Axis firmware here:

Find a list of affected Axis products and patched firmware versions here:

OnSSI is aware of its responsibility regarding cybersecurity and we are working hard to keep your installations safe at all times. OnSSI’s free Hardening Guide provides specific recommendations on how you can harden video surveillance systems with cybersecurity measures designed to help prevent potential threats. Download the Hardening Guide here.

Ocularis 5 Recorder Patch Update May 2018

The following issues were fixed in the latest automatic Recorder Patch update:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ONVIF Profile-S driver to not receive video from certain Honeywell devices
  • Fixed an issue which caused a “configuration change” notification to appear despite no changes being made
  • Fixed an issue where Axis P72xx encoder models would continuously auto-focus

Your Ocularis 5 system will automatically update the Recorder if configured to do so and network connectivity is available. The Recorder Patch Update is also available on the OnSSI Software Downloads page.

Contact OnSSI Technical Support at (845) 732-7900, Option 3 or email Support@OnSSI.com if you have any questions, or need assistance in applying the patches offline.


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Take the guesswork out of client workstation recommendations with our NEW Milestone Client Guide.

The Seneca workstation client guide will provide you performance metrics and hardware recommendations to meet customer expectations for reliable video display.

The Seneca workstations are certified with Milestone 2018 R1 release and hardware requirements for Hardware Acceleration for decoding and display of video using XProtect Smart Client.

Download Now: http://products.senecadata.com/PDF/security/testing-validation-Milestone-v5.pdf?utm_campaign=digital-security-and-surveillance&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–ejIFjugmfRQjTxIZebBdXe9oAYIJ7wHIKsNLjiyAbt-NnE2euo8gncwfh8xZi9lhqT__tnqfZEBsoUx0q-SWGGbzvLQ&_hsmi=62351582&utm_content=62351893&utm_source=hs_email&hsCtaTracking=c7561c85-f3c5-4340-a4cf-adae07efbb78%7C031a4745-c1e6-4f40-9c62-c4218cc45747

Included in this download:

  • Camera sizing guide for client workstations
  • MSRP Pricing