Whether it’s a single alarm transmitter or hundreds of security sensors across an entire site, the Inovonics range of wireless motion detectors, universal transmitters, environmental sensors, and mobile duress devices, integrate seamlessly with your ProtegeWX or ProtegeGX system to increase safety and security.

The integration with Inovonics takes you beyond the realm of traditional access control and intrusion detection to effectively secure your assets and protect your people without the wires. Wireless detection devices enable you to quickly detect unauthorized entry or activity within a secure area, identifying when doors and windows are opened, when an area is breached by an intruder, and when glass is broken in a window, door, or display case. Mobile duress devices provide an additional layer of protection, offering the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, and even commercial buildings where the protection of people is a main focus.

Key advantages:

  • Simplifies installation by utilizing wireless technology
  • Extends the reach of intrusion detection to areas where running wires is difficult or expensive
  • Monitors the state of Inovonics devices – including low battery levels – using Protege trouble inputs
  • Future proofs your system by enabling you to easily add additional devices following the initial installation
  • Have motion detection and camera input events appear in the ProtegeGX event log
  • Increases employee safety and building security

Want to Learn More?

  • Visit our website to find out more about the integration and how it works
  • Check out the Inovonics website to find out more about the Inovonics range
  • Read recent case studies from Three Rivers Park District and UW Credit Union to discover how other organizations are using Inovonics with an ICT solution to keep their people, property, operations, and information safe.


Sony @ Bosch is pleased to announce a new firmware update for all Generation 6 security cameras.

Update includes enhanced network security.

 Models to upgrade include:  SNC-CX600, SNC-CX600W, SNC-EB600, SNC-EB600B, SNC-EB602R, SNC-EB630, SNC-EB630B, SNC-EB632R, SNC-EM600, SNC-EM601, SNC-EM602RC, SNC-EM630, SNC-EM631, SNC-EM632RC, SNC-VB600, SNC-VB630, SNC-VB632D, SNC-VB635, SNC-VM600, SNC-VM601, SNC-VM602R, SNC-VM630, SNC-VM631, SNC-VM632R, SNC-WR600, SNC-WR602, SNC-WR602C, SNC-WR630, SNC-WR632C, SNC-XM631, SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637

Please use this link to download Firmware Version 3.1.0 :

OCULARIS – Register for the OnSSI Technical Training Webinar De-warping 360 Degree Cameras on Nov. 2, 2018 at 1:00pm EDT

Join us for a series of technical training webinars focused on topics like installation, configuration, motion detection, investigation, and more.

The next webinar in this series, De-warping 360 Degree Cameras, takes place on Friday, November 2nd, at 1:00 PM EDT. In this complimentary 45-minute live demonstration we’ll explore how Ocularis takes advantage of cameras with 360° lenses and how to use them.

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